Looked After Children

(Children who are fostered, adopted or in the care system)

Children who are looked after can experience significant challenges related to experiences of their early care, which can impact on their everyday life, as well as significantly impacting others who care for them.  Research and clinical experience tells us that placement breakdowns are devastating for children who are in care, as well as for those caring for them.  A stable placement and environment is the single most important factor in a looked after child's recovery.

We are able to provide specialist assessment packages, covering neuropsychological functioning, development and past trauma. This will result in a more clear understanding of the child and their past and current situation, which will enable us to provide a clear intervention plan for now and the future. 

Intervention plans may include some individualised work/therapy.  Most importantly, intervention plans will always include support for those caring for individuals (e.g. foster carers, schools, residential homes), as we know that this is the most effective and evidenced based form of intervention to reduce placement breakdown.  Plans therefore might include training to help others understand the individual's difficulties, regular consultation and psychological support following this, and/or Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy informed work.

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